Riesling Via Saint-Jacques


Riesling Via Saint-Jacques

AOP Alsace Riesling

Grape variety



The steeply-sloping plots of Riesling Via Saint-Jacques are located in the communes of Reichsfeld and Bernardvillé and happen to lie close to one of the Chemins de Compostelle routes. The grapes are therefore from a terroir of blue schist which is unique in Alsace and dates from the Precambrian (over 542 million years ago).


The grapes are harvested by hand into 20kg boxes.


Vinification starts with a long pressing, then a static cold settling is carried out. Fermentation takes place thanks to native yeasts. Malolactic fermentation is complete. The wines from Domaine de Schieferkopf undergo full malolactic fermentation and are characterized by their late ripening terroir which enhances the complexity and round structure of our wines. The malolactic fermentation brings out the minerality from the blue schist terroir.


The wine is aged for 10 months in big casks (foudres). 


Colour: steady gold colour
Nose: varietal aromas, with citrus notes, spices and pineapple.
Palate: the acidity is frank. The final exhibits salty notes and is very aromatic. 

This wine develops its full complexity 4-5 years after bottling.

Organically Certified: since vintage 2015.  


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